Monday, February 4, 2008

The Nathan Jordan School of Acting

Ever want to be cast in a BIG BUDGET HOLLYWOOD MOVIE? Ever dream of being RICH AND FAMOUS? Ever want to read an advertisement that OVERUSES CAPITAL LETTERS?

The Nathan Jordan School of Acting has the class for you! Established in 2005, the Nathan Jordan School of Acting caters to actors who want to fill a specific niche in the film industry or performers who need to strengthen certain aspects of their acting repertoire.

Classes available this spring:

INTERRUPTING AT AN INAPPROPRIATE TIME 101: What fun would a romantic comedy be if the hero and heroine actually got to kiss on their first attempt? Learn how to play the wacky stranger that interrupts right before lips touch, delaying the first kiss and keeping the audience in seat-edge anticipation.

WHY DOESN’T THIS CELL PHONE WORK? WORKSHOP: Want to be cast in a horror movie or thriller? Well you had better be prepared for that crucial scene where cell phones become disabled at the most inopportune time. In Why Doesn’t This Cell Phone Work? Workshop, learn to look at your cell, shrug, and say things like, “I can’t believe our car broke down in the middle of the Texas wilderness, and I forgot to charge my cell phone.” Sharpen your skills at holding up the phone and proclaiming, “I’m not getting any reception in the back of this trunk.” Or learn to sigh in a way that says, “Wouldn’t you know it? I forgot to pay my cell phone on the same day the earth is being invaded by aliens.”

BEGINNING BACKGROUND DANCING: While our main characters are professing their love for each other on the prom dance floor, you’ll have a chance to show off your dancing skills in the background. Don’t have dance skills? No problem! You’ll be out of focus and surrounded by others. Learn classic moves like the back and forth sway, the head bob, and the foot shuffle.

ADVANCED BACKGROUND DANCING: Like Beginning Background Dancing, but harder.

SCARY WHISPERING FOR CHILDREN: Will your child be the next Haley Joel Osment? Think your kid has what it takes to play the devil’s hell-spawn? Not if they can’t learn to eerily whisper every single one of their lines. In Scary Whispering for Children they will also learn how to squint while delivering their whispered lines, how to vacantly stare off into space, and how to have conversations with unseen “spirits” in the television set. A must for all child actors!

Act Now! Classes are filing up fast!


Kate said...

“I can’t believe our car broke down in the middle of the Texas wilderness, and I forgot to charge my cell phone.” Genius, friend. Genius. This is my favorite blog so far. Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

Does the Advanced background dancing class teach the Robot and Worm? I would really be interested in that class if it does.

Anonymous said...

I have a devil-spawn that would be great in your SCARY WHISPERING FOR CHILDREN class. What time does class start??

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