Monday, March 24, 2008

White Socks, Black Shoes Goes to Jamaica

Hello, everyone! Just got back from an amazing trip to Jamaica for my sister's wedding. I took some incredible pictures of the vacation, so I thought this week I'd do a little something different and share pics of my trip. Enjoy!

The Room!

A fully stocked fridge!

Coffee anyone?

It's true. They do have air conditioning in Jamaica!

All-inclusive means lots of lotions!

That's right. 12:08. AM.

Talk about luxury. Customized covers for the glasses!

Rumors of a toilet paper shortage in Jamaica have been greatly exaggerated.

The lush Jamaican foliage is everywhere!

Let's do some Coke!

Holy smokes.....

...... it's my favorite TV show!

Pretending to snorkel.

Getting crazy!

Singin' in the rain.....

Harry Potter is just so deep.

An artist's rendering of the beautiful Jamaican countryside.

A surreal moment.

Camille loves Jamaica!

No more pictures, please.

Chillin', Mon.

Hour 13 of the Dirty Jobs marathon.

Having a great time!

No more Peeps!

Okay, maybe a few more Peeps.

The spectacular view from the balcony.


Anonymous said...

It looks like you have a concealed weapon in that trash can. Very dangerous

thedailyweirdness said...

Nate, quick question: did you ever leave the apartment? Word on the street is that Jamaica has an outdoors too.

Anonymous said...

wow, nathan. your trip looks amazing! i can't believe how lush the foliage is over your toilet! i hope there weren't too many bugs. mosquitoes have a way of ruining an otherwise spectacular time.


Anonymous said...

What, no fruity drinks? No Shakey Dan?

Anonymous said...

Waaaaaaaay nicer hotel rooms in Cincinnati.

Just saying.

Kate said...

Seriously, though, why is Camille with you?

Anonymous said...

Were you avoiding the third world poverty outside your door by staying inside? Oh right, you were at Sandals--you don't have to see any of that if you don't want to, right? How was the wedding?

Anonymous said...


I am very upset with you. How can you have such a fabulous gallery of photos without sharing any pictures of the closet? No vacation is complete without pictures of such items as the iron, the clothes hangers, and last but not least, the ironing board. Next time let's try capturing the complete moment, not just a glimpse.


Anonymous said...

Is that an atomic bomb being dropped on the Jamaican countryside?

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