Monday, March 31, 2008

The Zen of Cubdom

As I write this, Opening Day at Wrigley Field is being delayed by rain. I have waited five months for this moment, and now I must wait even longer. Yes, I’m a masochist. Other things I look forward to every five months include dentist appointments and negotiating with Jiffy Lube employees about what “other services” I need done to my car.

When I was a kid my mom presented to me a brochure advertising a shuttle bus that took people to Chicago for various sporting events.

“We’re going to the Cubs game!” she told me pointing to a listing for a Cubs game versus the Reds. But it was the White Socks listing that caught my eye.

“Why can’t we go to the White Socks game?” I asked.

“Because,” she told me, “they play at night. It’s past your bedtime.” That’s how the Cubs sucker all these kids. They play afternoon games. Alas, I am a die-hard Cubs fan, and there is no use thinking about what might have been.

It amazes me that people say that Cubs fans aren’t real fans because they back the team no matter how bad the Cubs are. “They should stop showing up for games until the Cubs put a good team on the field,” they say. These folks are the reason there are “warning: hot!” labels on coffee cups.

I am a die-hard fan because of my blind loyalty.

See, to me, complaining about management defeats the purpose of enjoying a sport. I identify with and root for the guys on the field, not the suits. Let management do their job. (And they are better at their job then any fan will ever be, no matter how many seasons of fantasy baseball said fan has won.) Being a fan is not about worrying about budgets or advertising, it’s about enjoying the game. There is no use agonizing over something you can never control. It’s like worrying about rain. If you’re that type, then become a Yankees fan because, as we all know, the Cubs don’t do so well in the luck department.

A Cubs fan needs to be an optimist at heart, yet a master of employing pessimism as a defense mechanism. A sense of humor doesn’t hurt either. A Cubs fan finds a positive spin to put on all the losing. See, when the Cubs finally do win the Series, it will be one of the greatest moments in the history of sports. (Assuming that it’s in my lifetime.) If the Yankees win this year, no one will care except for Yankees fans.

A quick glance at the sports writers’ picks this year reveals an overwhelming majority picking the Cubs to win their division. Last time this happened was 2005.... and the Cubs failed to make the playoffs. So, yeah, this year should be pretty painful, but I’ll enjoy every minute of it.


Kristy said...

It's a good thing we went to those 2 Cubs games a few years back so that I can cheer for the Cubs, too. The Cubs are sooooo much better than the Pirates! In fact, I went to a Cubs/Pirates game last year and there were more Cubs fans than Pirates fans...imagine that (;

Anonymous said...

Kerry Wood looking GOOD yesterday!!!

Joe said...

We're family now (sort of), so we should exchange blogs.

Sorry...this comment has nothing to do with the cubs.

Anonymous said...

It is actually the complaining and thought of always backing a losing team that actually inspires me to continue to be a Cubs Fan. It is in the Midwest heart to complain about everything but yet do nothing about it and watch the carnage unfold. This my friend is what life is all about. What would I do if I did not complain about the Cubs or the Bears? Life would be somewhat meaningless. So to all you West Coasters that actually take action to change things like buy hybrid cars to be green, if you see me in my SUV with a V8 complaining about the price of gas, well it is just how we do things where I'm from.

Anonymous said...

I tire of cub fans talking about backing a losing team, and WGN producing mindless pap that talks about what a miserable life it is being a cub fan, how on the cubs lost the first game they ever played, how great the bars are around wrigley field and Bonnie hunt talking about losing her virginity to the sounds of jack brickhouse. Shut the fuck up and go make some lifetime movies you hasbeen bitch and quite associating yourself with the only professional baseball team in chicago.

And while I'm at it, hey cub fans quit bitching about being a cub fan. Boo-hoo. The worst thing about being a cub fan is being a cub fan who doesn't live in chicago...wait maybe that's the best thing...well I miss going to wrigley field.

Though dodger stadium is nice.

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